Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monday Night Raw Draft

Here are the highlights for Raw Draft of 2010:

Triple Threat
Batista .vs. Randy Orton .vs. Sheamus

Hornswoggle .vs. Dolph Ziggler
Drafted to Raw: Chris Jericho

Jack Swagger .vs. John Morrison
Jack Swagger
Drafted to Smackdown: Christian

Chris Jericho .vs. Christian
Chris Jericho
Drafted to Smackdown: Kofi Kingston

10 Man Dual Branded Battle Royal
Ted DiBiase
Drafted to Raw: Edge, R-Truth, & John Morrison

C.M. Punk .vs. Evan Bourne
C.M. Punk
Drafted to Smackdown: Big Show

LayCool .vs. Eve & Maryse
Drafted to Smackdown: Kelly Kelly

Unified Tag Team Championship
ShoMiz .vs. Hart Dynasty
Hart Dynasty

ShoMiz is no more!
I didn't like the fact either that Show was with Miz because I Show good thing he's going to Smackdown.
Anyway there were some drafts that weren't based on who won matches here they are.

Chavo Guerrero to Smackdown
Chris Masters to Smackdown
Cody Rhodes to Smackdown
David Hart Smith to Raw
Ezekiel Jackson to Raw
Goldust to Raw
The Great Khali to Raw
Hornswoggle to Smackdown
M.V.P. to Smackdown
Natalya to Raw
Ranjin Singh to Raw
Rosa Mendes to Smackdown
Tyler Reks to Smackdown
Tyson Kidd to Raw
Vance Archer to Smackdown

Well those are all the drafts for the shows!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Extreme Rules Highlights

Here are the rest:

Street Fight
Triple H .vs. Sheamus

Steel Cage Match
Edge .vs. Chris Jericho

Strap Match
Shad Gaspard .vs. JTG

Gaunlet Match
ShoMiz .vs. John Morrison & R-Truth
ShoMiz .vs. M.V.P. & Mark Henry
ShoMiz .vs. Hart Dynasty
Hart Dynasty
(They earned Tag Team Championship on Raw)

Sorry for the hold up on those. Um Triple H has suffered from nerve Damage in his left arm and has neck injuries more to come later.
The Game may have come to an end.